e8x 135i to e46 rear calipers adapters.

Upgrading to e8x 135i front calipers on e46 is a well known, bang for the money upgrade.
But the problem is having 6 pot on the front and the leaving the stock single pot caliper on the back disturb the braking bias.
And brakes are something that you don’t want to play with (especially if you haven’t much of a clue how they operate).

With this kit you can easily install the dual pot calipers out of 135, using you stock brake rotor.
You will receive :
4 x steel spacers (powder coated in black)
4 x washers
4 x bolts
2 x Г-shaped 90 degrees adapters for you brake lines.
(e8x 135i calipers are not included)

The procedure is fast and requires some easy DIY. A printed PDF with complete instructions (pictured) would be included to your set.